How Liverpool lost Mbappe twice

During the summer the young world cup star Kylian Mbappe became a deep interest for the team Liverpool, jurgen klopp showing his level of interest went for the young champ twice and tried convincing him to leave his current club PSG to join the Reds over at Anfield last summer. But it so happened that regardless been charmed twice by jurgen klopp, the player ended up not leaving Paris Saint-Germain.

According to the French newspaper L’Equipe: Liverpool has been eyeing Mbappe, “but few clubs have been so close” to getting the 19 year old signature. Liverpool’s genuine interest in the strike caused the planting of Fabinho to slowly convince the striker to move to Anfield.

Apparently the premier league sides has wanted the 19 year old even before young Mbappe made his professional debut.

However L’Equipe noted that at the winter of 2015/16 season both Mbappe and his representatives had gotten tired of the lack of opportunities.

However not too long after Mbappe made is debute and pronounced his intent of leaving but his remarkable break through only force Liverpool more on him, watching his game play.

And when it was 2017, klopps returned and tried to convinced Mbappe to join The Reds in Anfield for several hours.

Liverpool was ready to make Mbappe the clubs Joint-highest earner with Philippe Coutinho, following the teenagers had led Monaco to the Ligue Un title and Champions League semi-finals.

Klopp happened to have charmed Mbappe with his eloquence and enthusiasm it so happened that the club could not pay the required transfer fee. Mbappe was then after placed on loan to PSG that summer where his loan contract later became permanent for the sum of £166 million.

Liverpool will be facing PSG come Tuesday as they’ve been slotted in a draw of the Champions League.


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