Liverpool to swap Nabil Fakir with a £60m sum

Transfer window: signings, facts, rumors and gossip.

Today’s focus: Nabil Fekirs.

Update over Nabil Fakir holds that Liverpool is ready to pay up £60 million as his agenda confirms and further states that Nabil Fakir is yet to get to England and finalize deals set over the weekend. Mirror.

Following phillippie Coutinhos move to Barca from Liverpool the Reds boss has been in look for a perfect replacement and Nabil Fakir fits the spot just fine.

The young champ as been link to Anfield after he had an impressive season in Lyon with a 23 goal count with 8 assists which also prompt his call to the France national team for the world cup.

Mirror shared information on how close Liverpool is to closing the deal as they mentioned Fekirs agent Jean-Pierre Bernes been preset at Mreside to conclude Nabil Fekirs £60 million move.

Bernes spoke in reference to this allegations and mentioned it’s true that Liverpool wants the midfielder but denied his presence in England over the finalizing of his man’s signature also mentioned other clubs are urging for his client as well.

Bernes is quoted by the Mirror as saying:

“I did not leave Marseille (this weekend), I am with my family.

“But I will be clear, we will go with Nabil to Liverpool or elsewhere when there is an agreement with Lyon – and if Jean-Michel Aulas gives the green light.

“Liverpool’s interest exists, but for the moment nothing is done and other clubs could come in. The [transfer] window will be long.”

Liverpool definitely look serious over Nabil Fakir but are not moving fast enough as they are taking reluctant moves on signing the 24 year old for his price tag. If gone through the attacker would be a strong addition to the team and prospect of trouble to opposing teams.


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