Naby Keita will Adjust to Liverpool in Time


Naby Keita, Liverpool’s new star in an interview mentioned he would need time to adjust to the demands of game play by his new team. Naby Keita agreed to joining the Reds the summer of 2017 but didn’t leave RB Leipzig for Anfield till the beginning of this season. The young stars signature was gotten at a the sum of £52.75 million.

The 23 year old’s movement to Anfield was at the beginning of the season and has since played all 4 matches with the team since the season began.

However the young lad was left behind as Liverpool takes off to face Leicester City on Leicester grounds. Naby Keita added he would need more time to acclimatize to Liverpool following his arrival from RB Leipzig.

Naby Keita said to Liverpool’s magazine: “I’ve been told by many people that a lot of overseas players come into the Premier League and they take time to integrate, depending on the circumstances.

“So playing in the Premier League can be difficult, but I am very motivated to play here, not just for myself and my team-mates, but for the club.

“Everybody around me has been very supportive towards me so I am certainly giving everything I can to get settled into the team quickly.”

Although getting into place the player mentioned he is motivated to beat his own record on the bitch and in so doing please the merseyside.

He said: “I’m the kind of person who thinks that if I score eight goals in one season my objective must be to score nine goals in the following season. That’s the kind of mentality I have.

“The Premier League is different to other leagues where I have played and everybody knows it is very tough, but I will do my best to beat my own personal records – I’m very motivated.”


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