Eden Hazard Prides Chelsea over Liverpool

The Carabao Cup hosted two giants of the European Premier League to a clash of Titans and this game’s turn out was as mouth watering as it’s result, with Chelsea not only recovering from 1 goal down against Liverpool but finishing the game with a goal lead, as the score board reads 2 goals for Chelsea and 1 for Liverpool.

Anfield could testify of Eden Hazard, (one of Fifa’s best 11 football squad) and the remarkable class performance on the pitch as he was brought in as a substitute in the second half.

Eden Hazard had a run through the Reds defense beating Naby Keita – who still needs to adjust to Liverpool – and Alberto Moreno before taking the shot for goal. The crowd went wild as they watch the ball go past Simon Mignolet in the 85 minute.

Not too long before then Eden Hazards free kick was what birth the equalizer for Sari and his men, as Emerson made sure the ball found the back of the net.

Pleased with his form and game play, Eden Hazard ranked his effort amongst the best goals he has ever scored, following the goal was scored against Liverpool, a team with such caliber.

While in talk with sport newspapers, Hazard mentioned: “I don’t know [if it is in my top five goals]. I need to watch it again but for sure it is near the top of the list because it is Liverpool,”

“I spoke with N’Golo [Kante] on the bench and he told me he did not want to shoot a penalty, so the only solution was to score a goal.

“When I received the ball I just looked forward and saw I was on my own. I just tried to do what I can do, I did well.”

Being confident of Eden Hazard and his productivity Gianfranco Zola, Chelsea’s assistant head coach was forced to loud his star player.

Zola said: “In my opinion, we haven’t seen the best yet. he has an unbelievable potential inside of him. He is using it at the right moment, and is something remarkable.”

Appropriately Chelsea has placed much value on the way they deliver recently making it far easier to place bets on the club with ones odds assured. With the look of things one could bet the Blues would be finishing top 3 if not as the Premier League Champions.


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